Transitional Cell Carcinoma

What is Transitional Cell Carcinoma?

Transitional cell carcinoma is one of the most common diseases found in the urinary tract or the renal pelvis area. It is the most common tumor form happened to be occurred at the urinary bladder. The malignant tumor predominantly found in the upper urothelial tract.

Transitional Cell Carcinoma

This is one of the most common cancers found in the men. It has been observed that the Transitional cell carcinoma or more commonly known as Bladder Cancer is common to men. The cancer affects the cell inside the bladder and that is why it is called as the Bladder Cancer.

The cancer tends to occur more at the old age. However, it can come up at any stage of life. In the majority of the cases, the bladder cancer is found at an early stage and it is quite curable. However, the cancer can recur at any stage and regular checkups are required.


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The Bladder Cancer symptoms can be very similar to urine infection or any infection to the urinary tracts. However, the intensity of the Transitional cell carcinoma is much more than the others. The symptoms are required to be noted for early diagnosis. Here are the key symptoms of the Bladder Cancer.

  • Blood in the urine is observed. This is medically termed as Hematuria. According to the severity of the issue the color of urine might defer. The color of the urine may appear as dark yellow, red or even cola color.
  • You may see frequent urination.
  • Pain while urinating is very common in bladder cancer. The intensity however may defer with the condition of the cancer.
  • Back pain generally becomes an issue with Transitional cell carcinoma.
  • Pain the Pelvic is also very common for the cancer.


The exact cause of Transitional cell carcinoma is not known, however, there are many things that influence the cancer as per the study. The major causes behind bladder cancers are the following.

  • The most common cause of bladder cancer has been seen as smoking. Long time smoking habit may cause bladder cancer.
  • Parasitic infection is another reason that can cause the Transitional cell carcinoma.
  • Dangerous radiations like UV Rays and others can also cause the bladder cancer.
  • Chemical exposure is also responsible for the bladder cancer and is found to be one of the major reasons behind the cancer.


The treatment of the Transitional cell carcinoma is relatively easier than the other form of cancers. It is said that Bladder Cancer is curable if it is detected at the early stage. The cancer is generally diagnosed at an early stage. There are few factors that are considered before the treatment of the Bladder Cancer.

Factors impacting Bladder Cancer

  • The stage of the cancer is very important for the treatment. The stage indicates the severity or the spread of the cancer. If the cancer is still localized then the treatment gets fairly easier. However, if it has spread then other precautions are taken.
  • The age and the entire health of the cancer patient are also very important. For the treatment, the patient should be fit enough and that is a crucial point for Bladder Cancer treatment. The age is also a factor that impacts the treatment of the cancer.
  • The growth of the cancer is also something that needs to be worried about. It is also regarded as the grade of the cancer. If the cancer is growing fast then the treatment should be different from the slow growing cancerous cells.

The most common form of treatment for the Bladder Cancer is Surgery. The Surgery can be done in multiple ways Keyhole surgery, Open Surgery, Endoscopic Surgery and so on. The prime motive of the treatment is to remove the affected area of the cancer.

Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy or other therapies might be applied after the surgery in order to complete the treatment. However, it is important to understand that the surgery is only possible when the cancer is localized or it has not spread much. If it has spread, then therapies are provided to localize the cancer and then the surgical operation is carried out.

Even though the treatment of Transitional cell carcinoma has seen phenomenal success, but there are chances of recurrence with this type of cancer. So, it is very important to have the regular checkups even after the cure.


Transitional cell carcinoma yields one of the results in all cancers. The treatment remains successful for the majority of the cases. It has been observed that people get completely cured of the bladder cancer and live for another 15 to 20 years. However, recurrence has also been noticed. In many cases when the cancer was spread, the surgery may make someone impotent as the

Testis gland is removed in order to cure the cancer. There are no other side-effects or harm observed in the Transitional cell carcinoma patients.


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