Salivary Gland Cancer

What is Salivary Gland Tumor?

Salivary Gland Cancer is one of the dangerous kind of cancer occur in the human body. The Salivary Gland shows abnormal growth during cancer resulting in inflammation or tumor. There are many factors that impact the Cancer formation. It has been noticed that old age and exposure to malignant rays been the most probable reasons for this cancer. Exposure to radiation can also cause the Salivary Cancer. Cancer causing chemicals are also one of the reasons for the disease.

Salivary Glands Location

Image 1 – Location of Salivary Gland Tumors

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Salivary Gland Cancer Symptoms

Symptoms of the Salivary Cancer can be difficult to judge. The Prime reason behind it is the similarity of the symptoms with the infection of the gland cells. However, the impact of the Salivary Gland Cancer is much more prominent and existing. The following are the Symptoms of Salivary Gland Cancer.

  • The most common and prominent symptom of the Salivary Gland Cancer is the Lump. The lump is most commonly found in the area near to the Ear. However, it can be seen surrounding to Jaw, Lips, Mouth or any other area of the face. The most deciding factor of the Symptom is that it remains Painless.
  • It has often been noticed that fluid comes out of the Ear in case of Salivary Gland Cancer. It can be a painful experience.
  • Swallowing becomes a difficult job for the patient in case of cancer. It has often been noticed that it becomes a painful job and patient struggle to swallow.
  • The opening of mouth is also a troublesome work in case of the disease. The impact of the Gland cancer impacts the movement and it becomes problem to open the mouth for the patient.
  • The face becomes numb or very weak. There will be less energy in the facial muscles and often leads to discomfort in the face.
  • Facial Pain is also very common for the patients. The facial pain can take place at any place and most probably it will irritate the patient which eating or talking.

Salivary Gland Cancer Causes

There is no clear cause for Salivary Gland Cancer. However, the medical world predicts the most common reason for the development of Cancerous cell in Gland. The mutation in the gland cells is considered the basic reason for Salivary Gland cancer. The mutation can take place for any reason, even exposure to harmful radiation like Ultra Violet. It simply starts rapid Cell Division among the Cancer Cell. The accumulation results in tumor in the gland. The cancer cells can break and spread to other areas. This is the most acceptable cause of the Salivary Gland cancer.

Salivary Gland Cancer Treatment

The treatment of the Salivary Grand Cancer depends upon certain parameters and conditions. The severity, stage and spreading of the cancer make an impact on the cancer. The Salivary Gland Cancer can be treated at the primary stage. There are multiple options available for the cancer. Biopsy or Fine Needle Biopsy, Surgery, Radiation therapy, Chemo Therapy are the major treatments available for the cancer. The major motive of the treatment of the Salivary Gland Cancer is to remove the cancerous cell from the gland. The early it has been diagnosed, the better should be the prospect of the treatment. According to the medical data available, the medical treatment generally remains successful for the patients in primary stage. However, the treatment process becomes complex with the time. It is to be noticed that Surgery remains the best treatment available for the Salivary Gland Cancer at the later stage. However, the success rate for the cancer treatment drops down by a large extent.

Salivary Gland Cancer Prognosis

Salivary Gland Cancer is not very common but very dangerous form of cancer. It has got various types depending upon the carcinoma cells. However, the patients with the cancer tend to have very less lifetime. It is very difficult to diagnose the disease at an early stage. It has been noticed that the disease first comes to light when a tumor comes off in the mouth. The lifetime of the Salivary Gland Cancer is on average 2 years depending upon the severity. Patients generally live for one year in medicine or in surgery if it has not spread. The prospect of the disease is good if it is diagnosed at an early age. The average life after detection of the disease in primary stage is 4-5 years. However, everything depends upon how well the patient is responding to the treatment and medicine.

Pictures of Salivary Gland Tumor

salivary gland tumor picture

Image 2 – Lump of Salivary Gland tumor

Isalivary gland tumor under tongue image

Image 3 – Submandibular Gland tumor under tongue

salivary gland tumor location

Image 4 – Parotid gland tumor Swelling below the ear

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