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We at understand the users’ need for privacy. Public browsing has made a lot of privacy issues in the net so safety and privacy is the utmost concern of clients and web users. In this line, your privacy is extremely important in

What Information does Cancerwall get? collects both anonymous data as well as personal data from the users. Anonymous data such as log files including the IP address, browser, domain name and host, date and time you visited the site, your operating system and Internet Service provider (ISP) is taken from the time the person visits any pages of the site. Aside from these data, personal information such as name, website, and email address is collected when the person wishes to leave a comment or question inthe site. The name and email data are required fields while the website may be optional. Nevertheless, if you opt not to contact us or leave comments and questions, no personal data will be collected.

How Do We Use your Information?

Any information collected in this site will not be shared to third parties and are solely for cancer wall purposes only. The anonymous information suchas your IP address is just for monitoring purposes only and is not to be used to trace you. The personal information will only be used for reviewing and replying to your questions or comments only, and they are not in any way, used to identify you from your IP address. Your personal information will not be linked to your IP address so you remain your privacy over the net. All information taken from you is kept confidential in all ways.

We also do not sell or share your information to anyone that may provide monetary value for the visitors’ information for purposes not known by the administrator of


Advertisers may freely use the site for marketing purposes; however, for the interest of the users, no information regarding the visitors of the site is shared to advertisers. Nevertheless, if you opted to visit an advertiser’s site, the privacy policy of is automatically waived and the privacy policy of the advertiser’s site comes into place.

Use of Cookies

Like other websites, uses cookies to collect automatic information such as your IP address and web browser. Cookies are alpha numeric identifiers that we use to enable our system to identify your browser. Cookies are also used to remember your information and link activities that you visited. If you don’t want cookies or need to block it, you may disable cookies from your browser; however, may not provide the service as we have designed it. In addition, cookies generated by this site will not link any of your personal information.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, you may click the Contact button and leave a comment.

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