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Cancerwall.com is a site that offers information about cancers and malignancies to help people with cancer as well as people who conduct research on cancer to have vast information about this disease. In cancerwall.com, we have compiled all the cancers that are affecting millions of people worldwide.

In cancerwall, you are presented with credible information from peer-reviewed studies giving you evidence-based information on cancer. The author of the cancerwall believes that the key to cancer management is adequateinformation about the disease. Also, the author of cancerwall.com believes that healthy living and proper lifestyle is the key to cancer prevention and effective management.

Cancerwall.com is a privately managed site that envisions to fight cancer better than before through increasing awareness about the disease.

What We Do?

This site provides holistic information on cancers including:

  • Cancer definition

At cancerwall.com, you become initially knowledgeable about a certain type of cancer by reviewing its definition. The definition may include the nature of the cancer, the epidemiology of the malignancy as well as the other popular names of the specific type of cancer.

  • Symptoms

The symptoms part of the discussion is very essential for early detection of cancer. The more you are informed about the symptoms, the better surveillance you could have in your own health. In the development of cancers, the earlier you know about your symptoms, the earlier is the treatment and the better is the prognosis.

  • Causes

In cancer management, we say that prevention is better than cure so knowing the causes of specific types of malignancies helps people to better prevent the occurrence of which.

  • Diagnosis

The diagnosisportion helps people to review the steps in order for a specify cancer to be detected. It also helps people who fear that they have cancer to seek cancer diagnosis.

  • Treatments

The treatments section offers various treatment modalities that can be applied from chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. People may also get to know the series of treatments that are required in order to enhance the survival rates of cancer patients.

  • Prognosis

Most people with cancer definitely would want to know their prognosis in line with a specific type of malignancy. The prognosis section provides factual and credible information regarding the prognosis and survivability rates. It does not provide malicious information on the prognosis and also does not provide reassurance in terms of success of treatment.

About the Author

The author is a medical physician engaged in hospital work. He is also a dedicated writer, which helped him develop this blog to serve his passion in writing and helping people achieve a healthier status. As a physician, the author already encountered various patients with cancer, which helps him provide factual and credible information on this disease.

What We Offer?

Cancerwall.com is purely for information and education purposes only. Any information provided is factual and evidence-based, but it should not serve as a substitute for seeking personal professional advice from a doctor.

You may leave comments or questions regarding a specific type of cancer and the author will definitely answer them for you for increased awareness of the disease.


If you have services or products geared towards cancer prevention and treatment that would definitely help cancer patients who visit the site, you can contact for further information.

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