Sinus Cancer

What is Sinus Cancer?

Sinus Cancer is one of the rare diseases that occur throughout the globe. The Sinus Cancer is the cancer which develops at Sinus or Nasal Cavity. According to the observed cases, so far, the Sinus Cancer originates from the lining of the nasal cavity. There are various types of Sinus Cancer found in human. Melanomas and Sarcoma are the most heard and common forms of Sinus Cancer. Even though, the Sinus Cancer is very rare but is very dangerous in nature. It can be dreadful and often fatal for the patients if not diagnosed at an early stage.

Paranasal Sinus locations

Image – Locations of Paranasal sinus in human body

Symptoms and Signs of Sinus Cancer

The Symptoms and Signs of the Sinus Cancer can be very difficult to be diagnosed. It has been observed that the signs and symptoms are quite similar to that of the Sinus Infections. However, it is very important to observe the symptoms of the cancer as it can become very dangerous if not taken care at an early stage.

  • The most common symptom of the Cancer is the infection and inflammation in the nasal cavity. The infection can be itchy, irritating and burning sensation can be observed.
  • Congestion in the Nasal Cavity is another serious indicator of the Sinus Cancer. It has been observed that most of the patients who have been diagnosed with Sinus Cancer had the symptom.
  • Postnasal drip is another healthy indicator of the Sinus Cancer.
  • Runny Nose is actually very threatening especially in uncommon situations and for a long period.
  • Pain is very common indicator for all forms of cancer and Sinus Cancer is nothing different. Pain in the under areas of eyes or above the eyebrows very well indicates the chances of Sinus Cancer. Apart from this earache, toothaches are also associated with Sinus Cancer. The severity of the pain can differ according to the criticality of the patient.
  • The Eye infection and Nosebleeds also become prominent in the case of the cancer.
  • Double Vision, Weakness and even change in facial appearance can become prominent within couple of weeks of time for Sinus Cancer. Often huge lump on the face and on the back of the neck also observed. The signs and symptoms of the Sinus Cancer become dangerous within couple of weeks. It has also been observed that the condition of the patient gradually worsens with the passage of time.
  • The major difference between Nasal Cavity Infection and the Cancer is the improvement in the situation. If the patient is suffering from cancer then there is no chance of gradual improvement.

Causes of Sinus Cancer

The causes of the Sinus cancer are very common. Infected cells, tissues or the tumor are the common causes of the Sinus cancer. The causes of the Sinus Cancer can be cancerous infection that causes cancer. The most common type of cancer cause is squamous carcinoma. Squamous is thing and Flat Cells present in the Nasal Cavity. Apart from it, Cancer from Melanocytes, Connective Tissues and tumors inside the Nasal Cavity could also be the reasons for Sinus Cancer. The basic reason for cancer is same like other forms of cancer. Apart from it, genetic mutation or behavior can also be held responsible for the disease. However, not much research has been done on the genetic ground.

Treatment of Sinus Cancer

Treatment of Sinus Cancer often depends upon certain parameters. The cause of the cancer, tumors, size of the tumors, criticality, and the infected areas are the major consideration for the Sinus Cancer. According to medical experts, the most common treatment for Sinus Cancer is the Surgery. However, the success of the surgery largely depends on the criticality. However, if the patient is at an early stage and is operated the chances of recovery gets doubled. Apart from Surgery, Chemotherapy is another common treatment option for Sinus Cancer. Drugs are applied to destroy the cancerous cell. Radiation therapy can also be given to do the same. However, success of the therapies depends upon the area that cancer has spread. Sinus Cancer spreads very fast and often treatment becomes a consolation rather than the solution.

Survival Rate/ Prognosis of Sinus Cancer

The Survival Rate of Sinus cancer is very less. Sinus Cancer can spread dangerously within few weeks. It has been noticed that the cancerous cell can actually infect large area in a short time. As it spreads fast, the survival rate is also very less. About 90% people suffering from Sinus Cancer survive for no more than a year. However, if diagnosed at an early stage the survival rate shoots up to a couple of years or even five years. However, the high survival rate for Sinus Cancer is as rare as it is to occur.

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