Burkitt’s Lymphoma – Symptoms, Survival rate, Prognosis, Treatment

Burkitt’s lymphoma is a highly dangerous and fatal disease that is frequently observed in children. It is a form of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and causes cancer in the immune cells called as B-Cells. It is considered as one of the fastest growing Lymphoma and cause death if not treated at primary stage. This kind of Lymphoma can work dangerously with impaired immune system. The risk of the disease increases many folds if the patient has the diseases like Malaria or AIDS. It was first found in children, in Africa where they were mostly affected by Malaria. The Lymphoma becomes really fatal with Malaria and AIDS, the reason being these weakens the immune system of the body and thus it becomes easier for Burkitt’s lymphoma to turn the B Cells into Cancerous cell.

Symptoms of Burkitt’s Lymphoma

It is hard to understand the symptoms of the Burkitt’s lymphoma in the early stage. However, there are some vital signs that these syndrome shows. Symptoms should carefully observe and immediate medical addressing is required.

  • Abnormal Pain is very common with Burkitt’s lymphoma. It is generally shown in the early stage of the syndrome.
  • Swelling becomes a common and usual problem with Burkitt’s lymphoma.
  • Facial bones get hugely impacted because of Burkitt’s lymphoma. This kind of Lymphoma can even distort the facial bones.
  • Intestinal Obstruction is also commonly reported for the Burkitt’s lymphoma.
  • Burkitt’s  Lymphoma impacts thyroid by large amount. The thyroid gets enlarged and then starts multiple complexions.
  • Tonsil is very common with this syndrome and it enlarges abruptly.
  • Lymph Nodes increases in size at a rapid speed with Burkitt’s lymphoma.
  • The most adverse symptom and sign of Burkitt’s lymphoma are the size of the tumor. The Tumor can even become double in mere 18 hours.

Diagnosis of Burkitt’s Lymphoma

Diagnosis of Burkitt’s lymphoma is very important. Any similarities with symptoms of this syndrome should be taken very seriously and also patient should be rushed to medical facility center. The common processes of diagnosis of Burkitt’s lymphoma are the following.

  • The first and initial process of diagnosis is to carry put a biopsy report of the patient.
  • Investigation and tests of Bone Marrow should be carried out. Generally Cerebrospinal Fluid is examined to determine Burkitt’s lymphoma.
  • Cytology is also carried for any Ascitic or pleural fluid in the body. It is considered very useful diagnosis technique.
  • Apart from it, doctors can even go for tests as CXR, CT and MRI scanning to determine the level of the Burkitt’s lymphoma.

Treatment of Burkitt’s Lymphoma

Treatment of Burkitt’s lymphoma basically depends upon the staging of the Lymphoma. The most common treatments of the syndrome are the following.

  • Chemotherapy is the strongest and best available treatment for it. It has been noticed that a patient can survive for long years after the Chemotherapy.
  • Renal Dialysis may be required along with Hydration and Alkalization of the tumor under constant monitoring.
  • Bone Marrow transplantation or Stem Cell transplantation is also very common treatment for Burkitt’s lymphoma.
  • Radiotherapy is also used to treat the disease.
  • Surgery may be opted in extreme condition for resectable tumors in the body.

Prognosis of Burkitt’s Lymphoma

The Burkitt’s lymphoma is common among the children and adolescent. However, it can affect anyone. The success rate of treatment for Burkitt’s lymphoma is lesser for people over 40 years than children and adolescent. However, with a modern technique in Medical Science, the overall success rate has been steadily increased.

The impact of Burkitt’s lymphoma is very dangerous along with diseases like Malaria and AIDS. It has been found that people with AIDS hardly has any chance to survive from Burkitt’s lymphoma.

Survival Rate of Burkitt’s Lymphoma

The Survival Rate of Burkitt’s Lymphoma depends upon many factors. Few of the significant factors are Age, Stage of the Lymphoma. It is true that Burkitt’s lymphoma may become dangerous Cancer and the survival really become threatening. However, study has found that people of age more than 75 years have 5 times more chance of dying than people of 20-39 years. The risk reduces to 3 times when it comes to people between the ages of 40-75. The Stage IV has 2.5 times higher risk of dying than those people in Stage I.

Burkitt’s Lymphoma Pictures

burkitts lymphoma facial

burkitts lymphoma

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