Sebaceous Adenoma – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Pictures

What is Sebaceous Adenoma?

Sebaceous Adenoma is a disease in the sebaceous gland or oil-producing gland that has a non-cancerous tumor. It is usually a small bump that is normally seen either on the face, scalp, back or chest.

Sebaceous Adenoma pictures

Sebaceous Adenoma

Causes of Sebaceous Adenoma

  • The exact cause of having this disease is not yet exactly known
  • It is considered that genetic effect has to do with this disease
  • Widening of sebaceous duct
  • There is an increased number of basal cells
  • Weakened Immune System
  • Too much exposure to the sun
  • Aging

Sebaceous Adenoma Signs and Symptoms 

  • Lesions : single or multiple
  • They are visible more on areas where there is more oil-producing glands like chest, upper arms, face, and vulvar areas
  • Size : 2-9mm

Sebaceous Adenoma Images

Sebaceous Adenoma on the Nose and Cheeks that occur in Clusters and Singly

Treatment for Sebaceous Adenoma

There is no specific treatment needed for this disease, usually it is removed due to cosmetic reason. Being a non-cancerous tumor it can cause no specific harm to the body.
One of the recommended treatment for Sebaceous Adenoma is using cream called Tretinoin that is known to help in improving the condition and prevents it to become worst.

Other treatments that can be used to remove Sebaceous Adenoma are:

  • Laser Vaporization
  • Light Cautery
  • Photo facial
  • Photo rejuvination

Prognosis for sebaceous Adenoma

These tumors are usually curative and it normally doesn’t harm the humans affected by the disease. But it is recommended by medical professionals that you remove it in order to prevent any problem.

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