Amelanotic Melanoma – Pictures, Symptoms, Prognosis

What is amelanotic melanoma?

Amelanotic Melanoma is a form of skin cancer. This is one of the most deadliest skin cancer occurs due to the Melanocytes Cell. The cancer is not always taken seriously during the early stage due to lack of diagnosis nature of the disease. The complexity of the disease can be determined with the survival rate. Almost 75% of people succumb to the Amelanotic Melanoma cancer in due course.

amelanotic melanoma pic

Picture 1 – amelanotic melanoma image

Symptoms of Amelanotic Melanoma

Considering the complexity and criticality of the disease, it is very important to understand the symptoms of the Amelanotic Melanoma cancer. Diagnosis of Amelanotic Melanoma at an early stage improve the chances of survival for the patient.

There are five major asects of the skin which gets affected by the Amelanotic Melanoma cancer. Thsee are known as the ABCDE of the skin. A stands for Asymtery, B stands for Border and C stands Color, D stands for Diameter and E stands for Elevation. Any problem in the aspects of the skin indicates the chances of Amelanotic Melanoma cancer.

  • Moles and Spots can be observed in the skin due to Amelanotic Melanoma. This is one of the most common symptoms of the disease.
  • Melanin is responsible for hue, color and texture of the skin. Amelanotic Melanoma affects the melanin cell and bleaching of skin can be expected in case of the disease. Change in skin color is very common symptom of the disease.
  • Skin damage is also frequently observed symptom of the disease. The skin becomes very vulnearble to UV Rays and other harmful impacts.
  • Delibarate changing of skin color or tanning of skin casues the risk of Amelanotic Melanoma. Irritation and burning sensation of the skin may very well indicate the Amelanotic Melanoma skin cancer.
  • Irregular Lessions in many parts of the body can be a symptom of the Amelanotic Melanoma. The size and impact of the lessions can vary with individual.
  • If you get burn very easily in the sun, then it might be a potential symptom of the Amelanotic Melanoma.

Treatment of Amelanotic Melanoma

Amelanotic Melanoma is a potentaily fatal disease. Hence, the early treatment is essential for the cure of the disease. The following conentional treatment for Amelanotic Melanoma may include medicine,therapy and surgical solutions.


This is one of the most common and effective way of treating the Amelanotic Melanoma. Generally, the cancerous cell or tumour beneath the skin is removed with surgery so that the cancer cannot spread to others part of the body.


Chemotherapy is one of the most effective methods to treat the Amelanotic Melanoma. It induces the specific drug to kill the cancerous cell. It kills the cell by stopping the growth and regeneration of the cancer effective cell.

Radiation Therapy

It is aimed to destroy the cancerous cell with the X-Ray radiation. It is one of the effective ways by which cancerous cell can be killed at any part of the body for Amelanotic Melanoma.

Immune Therapy

This is one of the recent treatment options for Amelanotic Melanoma. The immune system of the body is improved in order to fight the Amelanotic Melanoma skin cancer.


The cancerous cells are sensitive to heat, and this methodology aims to destroy the cells by heating the cancerous cell in the body.

Photodynamic Therapy

The advancement of medical science has produced the option for cancer treatment. Photofrin is injected in the body aiming to destroy the cancerous cell by drug subjected through the laser beam.


Various drugs are used via medicine to fight the Amelanotic Melanoma. This basically helps in pain management and the support of the patient.

There are wide ranges of treatment available for the Amelanotic Melanoma. However, the treatments can only be successful if the Amelanotic Melanoma is diagnosed at an early stage. At later stage, the treatments may not be as successful as in an earlier stage.

Prognosis of Amelanotic Melanoma

The Prognosis of the Amelanotic Melanoma can be very impressive if it is detected at an early stage. However, unlike other forms of skin cancer, Amelanotic Melanoma can be staged very quickly. The spread and growth of the cancer is very fast. The major issue with Amelanotic Melanoma is, it is not very easily detected at an early stage. Amelanotic Melanoma can be very difficult to deal with at the final stages. It does not really respond to any treatment and the patient often succumb to the Amelanotic Melanoma skin cancer.

Pictures of Amelanotic Melanoma

amelanotic melanoma picture

Picture 2

amelanotic melanoma

Picture 3

amelanotic melanoma

Picture 4

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